Like what you see?

My images can be licensed for both personal or commercial use.

I have an extensive library of New Zealand wildlife photography in addition to what is shown on my website. If you are looking for a photos of a particular species, behaviour or location please get in touch and I may be able to assist.

Personal use

If you wish to use an image to produce a print the best way to do this is to purchase a file for under a personal use license. This gives you full control over printing options such as size, medium and print paper, which can be discussed with a printer. Get in touch via the contact page and I’ll be more than happy to discuss printing options that best suit how you would like to use the image.

Commercial use

My images have been used in advertising, textbooks, bird identification handbooks, Forest & Bird magazines, reports and by various conservation organisations.

For any commercial use, such as calendars, advertising, print or references for artwork, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss licensing. To ensure I can quickly give a reasonable quote, please include the following:

  • Link to the image you’re interested in
  • Name and industry of intended end user
  • Intended type of publication (e.g. publishing and editorial, advertising, or digital media).
  • Intended image size and placement.

I am appreciative of conservation organisations or publications, which is reflected in my pricing. However, please do not ask for free use of my images in commercial publications as you will be disappointed. Free use of my images is limited to organisations to which I have close links, and only upon approval from myself.

'Winging it' - a popular option for prints.