Welcome! I’m a wildlife photographer specializing in native and endemic New Zealand birds. I enjoy watching our diverse and threatened birdlife in their natural environment and capturing the moment for others to appreciate.

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Which Fiordland Great Walk is for you?

Fiordland is high on any hiking/tramping bucket list for good reason - lush forests thanks to the high rainfall, massive glacier carved valleys, distinctive peaks scattered with tarns, and beautifully clear rivers and waterfalls.  [...]

Dragons Teeth tramp trip report (Easter 2021)

Crew: Leon “Hold up I’m cramping” Berard, Dave “Downhill billygoat” Allen, Miles “Lactose Nightmares” Davitt, Otis “Methane Murderer” Berard. Start: James Road right branch, Bainham, Aorere valley. End: Trilobite hut, Cobb Dam road end. [...]

Packing for a Subantarctic voyage

I’m normally a sucker for researching possible photographic opportunities and conditions before a trip, so naturally when I found out I would be heading away on a dream trip I wanted to make sure [...]

Bounty Islands

The last destination on our trip was the Bounty Islands, a small collection of islets and rocks part way between the Antipodes and Chatham Islands. A few nights previous I had sat with one [...]

Antipodes Islands

The first half of the trip had given us a full spectrum of Subantarctic wind, rain, and swell. Thankfully our long steam from Campbell Island to the Antipodes Islands, around 750km, saw the swell [...]

Campbell Island/Motu Ihupuku

The first sign that we were approaching Campbell Island/Motu Ihupuku was a change in seabirds around the Spirit. I had woken up before the wakeup call, and after an early raid on the cookie [...]

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